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Reliable adult driving lessons

Driver Ed Academy offers private, adult behind-the-wheel coaching, and for your convenience we'll even pick you up. Each of our lessons is scheduled for either a 90-minute or 2-hour learning session.

Adult lesson pricing

Each 90-minute lesson - $119.00

Each 2-hour lesson - $149.00

State exam (use our vehicle) - $149.00

"Everyone was courteous, and I feel as if I was taught well."

-Mark T.

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Behind-the-wheel coaching for adults

Best Value!    Gold Adult Package      

4  2-hour sessions (plus the 2-hour state exam) - NOW ONLY $ 649.00

Total of 10 hours  ($96.00 savings)   We pick you up and drop you off  for all lessons!

State skills exam and a 1-hour refresher lesson with your instructor

For your convenience, we will schedule your state exam

*If you are not ready for your exam, use the exam time for a lesson instead




Adult Abbreivated Behind the Wheel Training

Includes 4 hours coaching behind the wheel -(includes pick up and drop off)  

Cost:  $329.00  Forms: ROA Form  email forms to:

with your driving permit and classroom certificate.

*Please call 513-729-2550 and make an appointment to register and schedule.

3091 West Galbraith Road , Cinti, Oh 45239

Abbreviated Adult Online Classroom




New classes starting June 2nd at 6:00pm- Call to make a reservation! 513-729-2550