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At Driver Ed Academy, we want you to be safe while you're out on the road. Here, you will find some great tips to keep you safe, as well as some of the new Ohio traffic laws that should be followed at all times.

Helpful tips for new drivers

  • You must change lanes (if possible) for a tow truck assisting motorists when towing their vehicle

  • Protect yourself by always using your seat belt, and make sure your passengers buckle up too

  • Keep an eye on your tires - that's all you have between you and the road

  • Don't forget to change those wiper blades - they should be good live rubber to get you through the spring months

  • Don't forget to fill up your window washer fluid

  • Take care of your headlights - cold weather is hard on bulbs and they can burn out without notice. Don't get caught without brake lights, headlights, or turn signals

  • Don't forget to check for drivers in your blind spot and don't drive in other drivers' blind spots

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Be aware of the Ohio traffic laws

New law - headlights must be on when using your wiper blades for inclement weather conditions

New law - Texting and driving is against the law in Ohio


Ohio Law Bans Texting and Driving - Effective August 31, 2012

This new law prohibits teen drivers under the age of 18 from using any electronic wireless communication device - such as a phone, video game, iPad or tablet, etc. They will be unable to talk, write, read, or send a text-based communication via any type of electronic device, or emailing while driving on Ohio roads.


However - The law does allow a teen to use a cell phone while the vehicle is parked and outside a lane of travel, and also allows for phone calls to be placed to law enforcement agencies, hospitals, health care providers, and fire departments in emergency situations.

A navigational device can be used as long as the device is operated in a hands-free or voice-activated manner.


This is a primary offense - the only reason a police officer needs in order to pull you over.


First violation: $150.00 fine and driver license suspended for 60 days.

Second violation: $300.00 fine and driver license suspended for 1 year.


Adult drivers face a $150.00 fine for texting and reading or sending an email.


STAY ALIVE! Don't TXT and Drive!

Keep the rules to keep your license

  • Angle your side mirrors out to widen the visible area around your vehicle - doing this will decrease your blind spots and increase visibility

  • Keep an eye on what's happening behind you by always checking your rearview mirror every 3-5 seconds for tailgaters, emergency vehicles, and others passing you.

  • Look left, right, and left again - look twice for motorcycles

  • Watch out for "summer ice" - a slick film of grease, oil, fuel, dirt, and all those fluids that drip from vehicles that we share the road with. This gunk mixes with the rain and forms a slick film that is very slippery

  • The first 20 minutes, while it's raining, is the most dangerous until all the gunk is washed away. Take it easy when it starts to rain, and don't forget to put those headlights on

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